Five Types of Content For Your Blog or Website

POSTED ON: 21 October 2015

Attracting web traffic takes more than setting up a website with your product and an “about us” section. To generate a consistent stream of traffic, you need to create content, in the form of a regularly updated blog, that provides your visitors with value and information that they can use. When developing content, you can experiment with different ways of sharing information, which can help you to reach a wider audience. Here are five types of content to add to your blogging strategy.

1.   Lists

Lists (like this one) are a very popular content type that generate high engagement. It has been scientifically proven that our brains are wired to lump things together into round number groups. Top three, top five and top 10 lists are all over the web. Even at the magazine covers at the grocery store checkout line feature lists on their cover pages.

The beauty of lists is that they are simple to write. Choose a topic that you’re familiar with, pick a number of points you want to cover, write a heading for each point, then jot down a two or three paragraphs about each point. In no time you’ll have written a fresh blog post.

2.   Product Reviews

Product reviews can help position you as an expert in your field. The automotive aftermarket and paint protection film industry has its own set of products, services and solutions. By reviewing new products, you’ll get noticed by other members of your industry and by the developers of products you review. Not only will you be helping out your clients and colleagues, you’ll also be providing feedback to developers.

When reviewing the product, make sure to use its full name, describe the product, list the specs, share what you liked and disliked and finish off with a recommendation. Try to include photos and videos of the product in action when possible.

3.   Interviews

Think of interviewing someone as a form of online networking. You get to introduce yourself to an industry expert while picking their brain. If your interview subject has a large online following of their own, your discussion with them will help raise your profile to a large pool of new readers, which is extremely beneficial to you and your product.

Setting up an interview will take a bit of work on the logistics side of things. You’ll need to schedule a time that both you and your subject are available to meet. Ideally, you’ll also want to record the audio of your discussion (you can do this with your smartphone). If you have the equipment and the know-how, you can even record video of the interview. When you post your interview to your website, be sure to include the a written transcript of the conversation. This will help Google find your interview and boost your search ranking, while allowing people to quickly read through the discussion.

4.   How To Guides

How to guides are a great way to provide some value to your readers. The best kind of how to guides are ones that solve an easy to fix problem that you see regularly in your shop. If you’re hearing people start sentences with a “how do I…” it’s a good bet that the answer would make for a good blog post.

Along with a written blog post, how to videos are extremely popular. Being able to quickly show viewers how to solve a common problem on camera can make for a great YouTube video.

5.   Visual Content

Visual content continues to gain popularity. Apps like Instagram, SnapChat and Vine, along with YouTube are home to huge audiences. Ideas for visual content include:

  • Videos (How to instructions, product reviews, interviews)
  • Photos (Fresh installations, before and after comparisons)
  • Infographics (If you know a graphic designer, ask him or her to design an infographic for you)

Not only does visual content add a new dynamic to your blog, it is also content that is easy to share and is great for your social media properties. Social media posts that include photos or videos consistently see increased engagement numbers.

There’s a reason the expression “content is king” is so often repeated. Good content can help introduce your product or services to a new audience. When developing a content strategy, experiment with different types of contents and see what methods work best for you and your product. If you’re unsure about what kind of content strategy is best for your business, our team of social media strategists is available to help our partners plan out their social media and blogging campaigns.

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