Five Tips To Get Most out of Instagram

POSTED ON: 24 November 2015

Instagram, the popular photo sharing app continues to experience growth and the platform recently announced over 400 million active monthly users. To put the growth in perspective, this relatively new player in the social media sphere grew by 23%, while Facebook increased it’s used base by 3% in 2013. Among many of the features, the app’s most noteworthy distinguishers are it’s many filters, allowing for photo as well as video editing. Given the image rich features, it is no surprise that the app gained popularity in the automotive and automotive aftermarket world. Instagram, when used properly can be a great platform to showcase your business’ work and drive customers. Here are five quick tips to help you get the most out of Instagram.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Profile optimization refers to giving the users a brief description of your business and showcasing who you are and what you do through your profile. First, select an appropriate profile photo, we recommend the use of your company logo. An alternative would be using a photo of the signage in the front of your business. In your bio always include a hyperlink to your website or your Facebook page as links can’t be included in individual posts. The goal is to include a link that best showcases your business and gives the visitors the information that they are looking for. In your bio describe what you do and include your contact information and a Hashtag if applicable.

2. Get Sharing

Instagram users are image savvy and you will have better success if your Instagram photos are visually engaging and appealing. Promote your products and work; however keep in mind that your followers are interested in what goes into creating that product. Make your photos personal to your business, photos of your employees at work or happy customers gives the viewer a personal insight and glimpse of what happens behind closed doors.

3. Be Consistent

Many businesses that join Instagram begin with frequent posts in the first week or two and decrease their activity quickly leaving it inactive for long stretches of time. Conversely, over-posting is not recommended either as that may annoy your followers resulting in unfollows. Over sharing has been listed as one of the top reasons for unfollows by many publications. Commit to making Instagram a daily habit and to set weekly benchmarks for yourself. For example, resolve to post 3, 5 or 7 photos per week.

4. Get Engaged

In addition to posting photos on a regular basis, set aside some time to engage with new followers and other accounts, adding a human element to their online experience. There are numerous ways that drive engagement, one of them being liking the photos from accounts that you follow. You can also leave comments and positive feedback as well as tag your contacts. Engagement is all a two way street. The more likes and comments you give, the more you are likely to receive. Using geolocation is another great way to get engaged by utilizing your follower’s locations. Gamification gets your followers sharing to win, host a competition of best photo, best caption or best follower.

5. Use Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are used to sort photos by content matter. An example of this would be McLaren Automotive enthusiasts sharing images of their vehicles. Along with the caption, users will include relevant hashtags such as #McLaren, #675lt. This allows other Instagram users with an interest in McLaren cars to easily search for, view and like their pictures. You can do this with any vehicle make or model. When you’re looking to attract local business, be sure to include your local city or region as a Hashtag as well. This allows Instagram users in your area to easily find your photos.

Instagram is a fun way to grow your company’s online reach. The growth of the platform in the past couple of years speaks for itself and it’s only set to grow in the future. Instagram is a significant opportunity to showcase your products and services to your audience in a non-conventional way. Being able to share interesting photos, while targeting a specific audience by using hashtags makes this app a powerful marketing tool for your business. Be sure to follow the official Paintshield Technology account for news, updates and digital & social media marketing tips.

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